Digital Competency Project

  • Jordan Allers (Lecturer)
  • Mathew Pullen (Lecturer)
  • Kelly Wegener (Lecturer)

Activity: Other


This project will endeavour to develop the partnership model already in place and explore future options for Initial Teacher Education (ITE) delivery. The focus will be on the delivery of digital competence to enhance both the skills of student teachers and practising teachers.

Students will be trained in the use of digital technology to enhance teaching and learning opportunities. As a result those trainee teachers will become digital leaders for the University. They will then be responsible for developing their peers back in school and available to help partner schools in their own professional development around digital competence. The project will look to explore new ways in which the partnerships can develop and how school placement can be provided.

Project Outline
Students will receive a week of digital competence training at the University to cover areas including, literacy, numeracy, assessment, feedback and presentation of work. These students will then co-construct a project with the designated school that will take place across 3 weeks (students will be in school for the equivalent of 1 day per week). During the time in school, the students will be delivering subject knowledge in the form of a project that will be enhanced through the use of digital technology.

Key Points
• Each school will have 6 students
• These students will “flood” 1 class and co teach the sessions
• The teacher of the class will observe what is taking place but without graded judgement
• The University tutor will be present at all times to co teach with the students.
Period1 Jun 201625 Jul 2016