Expanding the UK Secure by Design proposal for a usable consumer-focused IoT security label

    Activity: Examination


    No person whom has any knowledge of security in the Internet of Things (IoT) would claim the current
    landscape is desirable, as exceedingly poor security of devices is routinely exhibited in an ecosystem
    experiencing exponential growth of devices. If these devices follow past trends in Cyber Security, it is not
    unreasonable to assume that without intervention another decade of exponentially growing costs attributed
    to Cyber Crime may lay ahead.
    Building from existing proposals, this paper outlines real improvements that could be made to current
    ongoing works, with the intention of providing incentive for manufacturers to improve device security in
    the IoT sector and reduce the timeline for routine deployment of secured devices.
    Incorporating strategies developed in other industries, as well as security requirements from across
    international borders, a point-of-sale user focused label is proposed, which can be easily interpreted by
    non-technical users. Intending to provoke curiosity and fully reassure the end-user, a 2-layer system is
    chosen which allows the conveyance of more detailed information than could fit on a physical label.
    Period2023 → …
    Examination held at
    • Swansea University
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