Liveness in Digital Creative Processes During Covid 19

Activity: Talk or presentationInvited talk


VIRTUALLY CONNECTED: Part 3 of a seminar series exploring positive creative practice adaptations to the Covid-19 crisis.
About this Event
Speakers (in order of presentation): Dr Christina Papagiannouli, University of South Wales; Dr Victoria Bianchi, Queen Margaret University and Stephanie Arsoska, Queen Margaret University; Dr Paul Sadot, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire; Bianca Mastrominico and John Dean, Queen Margaret University. Additional guests include Madeleine Worrall (performer and research collaborator)and Joumana Mourad, Artistic Director of IJAD Dance Company and curator of Open Online Theatre

“In these difficult times” has been a constant refrain since lock-down started, and certainly the cultural and creative domains have been hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis, be that because of a loss of income, a reduction in capacity or a lack of opportunities to make work. Creative Practitioners, however, are experts in exploring new ways of thinking and being, and there is an argument to be made that in these difficult times we don’t have fewer resources; rather we have different resources. This modest seminar series aims to explore how creative practice and research can find purchase in the cracks of these ‘difficult times’ that allow us to climb to new heights. While we acknowledge the impact on culture and livelihoods, our hope is that we can explore new practices of making that are not just temporary pivots, but rather new ways of thinking about the world.

How can live performance successfully adapt to digital platforms, and what are the new ‘tricks of the trade’? As the shift to online performance making is problematising definitions of both live and liveness, practitioners and researchers are concerned with how to make live performance processes and practices (stay) alive on a digital medium. Whether migrating a live performance research project onto a digital platform, exploring how ensemble devising processes can be sustained remotely, or guiding learners in online performance making, this seminar will explore the current benefits and challenges of instigating digital creative strategies, while experimenting with live performance practices for virtual audiences within the social restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.
Period27 Jan 2021
Held atQueen Margaret University, United Kingdom