Royal Society Partnership Grant -How to create colour from light?

  • Jungang Huang (Organiser)

Activity: OtherTypes of Public engagement and outreach - Public lecture/debate/seminar


This was a Royal Society Partnership grant that I had gained with Lakeside primary school in Cardiff. This project was to arouse interest in Science in the primary school and beyond. More specifically, this project aims to enable students to gain a deep understanding on the relationship between light and colour and apply the knowledge about light and colour to explain other colour-related phenomena.
Students will attend a lecture with various demonstrations to acquire the basic knowledge about light and colour.
Students will use microscope to observe 3 colour LEDs within a pixel of a LCD screen, use additive colour experiment kit to measure the intensity of the 3 primary colour components of various colour, process the data and put them into CIE RGB colour space map. This will enable them to have a deep understanding of additive colour.
Using subtractive colour experiment kit, Students will capture and compare spectra of reflected light from objects of different colour to develop deep understanding on subtractive colour.
Students will also use structural colour experiment kit to measure diffraction angle of different colour of light from gratings and process the data to obtain the period of the gratings. The results will be compared with the
periods of the grating they measured use a microscope. A deep undemanding of the structure colour will bedeveloped through this activity.
Students is then guided to select a colour-related phenomenon such as the colour on butterfly wing, peacock feather etc. to do further investigation. The result of their investigation will be presented in a school conference
attended by parents, governors and wider communities.
Period1 Dec 201731 Jul 2018
Degree of RecognitionNational