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    Dr Ali Wardak was an invited speaker last week at the Brussels School of International Studies (BSIS) 2017 annual conference that was held in Brussels between 6 -7 April. Under the title of ‘The Disappearing State? Contested Governance in the 21st Century’, the conference was attended by over 130  participants, including senior officials from the European Parliament and Commission, embassies, think-tanks and academic institutions in Europe. Dr Wardak’s presentation in the second session of the conference was titled ‘State, Non-State and Anti-State Justice Systems in Afghanistan’, which was followed by a presentation by Dr. Antonio Giustozzi, from London School of Economics (LSE) who spoke about ‘The Taliban Shadow Justice in Afghanistan’. Also in this session, Dr. Orzala Ashraf Nemat (AREU) and Ms Huma Saeed (University of Leuven) spoke respectively about the historical development of the justice system in Afghanistan and transitional justice in the country. While all the four presentations created a highly engaging questions and answer session, Dr Wardak argued that linking state and non-state justice systems within the framework of his proposed ‘hybrid model’ could provide more accessible, cos-effective and restorative justice to all Afghans – men and women.  


    Period6 Apr 2017

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