USW researcher wins award at Asia Pacific Conference

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    Nihar Amoncar, a Postgraduate Academic Assistant from the Business School at the University of South Wales recently won the Best Paper award at the Pacific Conference on Contemporary Research in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2015.

    Nihar won the award for his paper titled ‘Defining Contextual Advantage: Exploring the Contextual Relation between Effectuation and Entrepreneurial Marketing to create New Markets Effectually’.  It was awarded by the Asia Pacific Institute of Advanced Research (APIAR).

    The paper is about understanding how certain Entrepreneurs, who do not have any formal knowledge of Business/Management, approach business. It explores questions, such as: Do they have a business model before starting? How to they gather resources? How do they manage the risks involved? How do they gain competitive advantage? Can they optimize their inherent and unique 'context' through an effectual approach for a 'contextual advantage' instead?

    Speaking about winning the Best Paper award Nihar said: “Thank you to my mentors Professor Jonathan Deacon and Dr. Paula Stephens from the University of South Wales’ Business School for helping me in the right direction with regards to my research and for motivating me.  Furthermore, thank you to the ever supportive University of South Wales for sponsoring my conference visit and to the University’s research institute for believing in my capability.

    As a researcher, writing your first paper, presenting it at a global conference and seeing your efforts being appreciated with a Best Paper award is a fantastic feeling. In an environment where people put in a lot of effort without the intention of gaining recognition, but have a passion towards learning and teaching, such awards help our motivation to do more, do better and to persevere for excellence in developing knowledge. This will hopefully bring about a positive change within society, not only economically but socially. I hope to contribute to the local society with my efforts in research and teaching and to see people achieve more than what they think they are capable of achieving.”

    With regards to Nihar’s success Professor Jonathan Deacon said: “Nihar's work rightly has been recognised at an international conference - the work further develops my work in Contextual Marketing using Dr Stephen’s methodological approach of 'narrative'. Nihar is a young scholar with a great future ahead of him and to gain international recognition at this stage of his academic career is a reflection of his ability and the quality of his research. Such is his enthusiasm for developing these concepts further and the confidence that he has gained by receiving this accolade, that we are developing further papers for publication next year. I'm sure that this will not be the last award for research that Nihar receives”. 


    Period22 Oct 2015

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