Women Giving Birth to Themselves: The Women’s Liberation Movement in South Wales

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Period8 Mar 2022

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Media contributions

  • TitleWomen Giving Birth to Themselves: The Women's Liberation Movement in South Wales
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    DescriptionEven without the accompanying hand-drawn image, the strapline ‘I am a woman giving birth to myself’ was an arresting statement on the front page of the newsletter of Swansea Women’s Liberation Group in 1974. Often misunderstood and sometimes maligned, the movement that was brought to life in south Wales in the early 1970s changed individuals’ lives, altered public attitudes, reshaped the priorities and policies of local authorities and government, and launched a generation of women into public life. Groups such as Cardiff Women’s Action Group, Wales Women’s Rights Committee and Swansea Women’s Liberation Group took up the cudgels over myriad issues and the results of their efforts can be discerned today.
    Producer/AuthorDr Rachel Lock-Lewis (author)
    PersonsRachel Lock-Lewis