Compression Testing Machine 1

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    Compression Testing Machine 1, calibrated by Denison Mayes Group 17/09/2020, certificate number 137832, with Tolerances specified in BS EN ISO 7500: 2018, and listed in the calibration certificate. Has a Visual Display, verified for compression and a range 0 to 2000kN in increments of 0.01kN. It is located in the Concrete Laboratory (TRG136) located on the first floor of the Glynneath building on the Treforest Campus CF37 1DL.


    NameCompression Testing Machine 1
    NameItem Type/Model: MATEST YIM2000KNFMT
    NameItem Serial number: YIM2000KNFMT/AH/0044
    NameLocation: TRG136 Glynneath Building Treforest Campus


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