Compression Testing Machine 2

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    Compression Testing Machine 2, calibrated by Denison Mayes Group 17/09/2020, certificate number 137835, to tolerances specified in BS EN ISO 7500: 2018, and listed in the calibration certificate. Verified for compression and a range 0 to 3000kN in increments of 0.1kN. Located in the Concrete Laboratory (TRG136) on the first floor of the Glynneath building on the Treforest Campus CF37 1DL


    NameCompression Testing Machine 2
    ManufacturersDenison Mayes Group
    NameItem Type/Model: Denison 7226
    NameItem Serial number: 83218
    NameLocation: TRG136 Glynneath Building Treforest Campus


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