Newfocus TLM-8700 fast sweep tunable laser source

  • Nigel Copner (Manager)

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    The TLM-8700 laser modules are designed for integration into OEM volume applications. They combine the best in high performance—ultrafast, ultrawide, and mode-hop free—with low noise, high linearity and high accuracy and repeatability. These laser modules demonstrate OEM-proven reliability with >100-million cycles tested without failure.

    There are three separate laboratory spaces at USW with dedicated setup for imaging spectroscopy, optical coating, interferometry and high power lasers.

    The optoelectronics and RF facilities are composed of two optoelectronics laboratories and two RF equipped with £1million worth of experimental equipments and modelling facilities. 


    NameA Newfocus TLM-8700 fast sweep tunable laser source
    ManufacturersNew Focus
    NameLocation: Johnstown Building, Garage Lab


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