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  • Nigel Copner (Manager)

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    USW operates three separate laboratory spaces at USW with dedicated setup for imaging spectroscopy, optical coating, interferometry and high power lasers. The optoelectronics and RF facilities are composed of two optoelectronics laboratories and two RF equipped with £1million worth of experimental equipment and modelling facilities. Equipment includes: he Innova® Sabre® MotoFreD™ ion laser Newfocus TLM-8700 fast sweep tunable laser source Agilent 8164B Lightwave Measurement System RENISHAW ML-10 Measurement Systems Beam profilers: Thorlabs BC106-VIS – CCD Camera Beam Profiler, Thorlabs BP109-IR – Beam Profiler Scanning Fabry-Perot Spectrum Analyzer. e.g. Thorlabs SA200-5B, Coherence 0464H08 Anritsu MS9710B Optical Spectrum Analyzer Ocean Optics spectrometers. e.g. HR4000 and USB4000 Edwards E306A Coating System Thermal Vacuum Evaporator SCS G3-8 Spin Coater ZEPTO laboratory plasma cleaner ZEPTO FUJIKURA FSM-40S ARC FUSION SPLICER National Instruments FPGA and Digitizer Signal generator: TG210 2MhZ function Generator Oscilloscopes: HP infinium Oscilloscope, HM507 Combiscope Anechoic Chamber suitable for frequencies above 1 GHz. Various measurement systems for 2, 10, 20, 40, & 60 GHz links VubiQ 60 GHz development kits Three 60 GHz Backhaul links (Sub10 Systems) Antenna radiation patterns measurement system Two equipped vans for outdoor measurements Programmable or Reconfigurable Platform (DSPs, FPGAs, GPPs)


    NameA Optoelectronic Laboratory x 2
    NameLocation: Johnstown Building


    • QC Physics
    • TK Electrical engineering. Electronics Nuclear engineering


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