OSA202C - Fourier Transform Optical Spectrum Analyzer, 600 - 1700 nm

  • Nigel Copner (Manager) &
  • Kang Li (Operator)

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    Thorlabs' OSAs measure the optical power of both narrowband and broadband sources as a function of wavelength. The maximum spectral resolution of 7.5 GHz (0.25 cm-1) is set by the maximum optical path length difference of ±4 cm, as explained in the Design tab, while the high spectral accuracy of ±2 ppm (parts per million) is ensured by simultaneously measuring the interferogram of a stabilized 632.991 nm HeNe laser. For sources with linewidth < 10 GHz, the Wavelength Meter mode provides center wavelength measurements with 0.1 ppm resolution and ±1 ppm accuracy. We operate three separate laboratory spaces at USW with dedicated setup for imaging spectroscopy, optical coating, interferometry and high power lasers. The optoelectronics and RF facilities are composed of two optoelectronics laboratories and two RF equipped with £1million worth of experimental equipments and modelling facilities.


    NameFourier Transform Optical Spectrum Analyzer, 600 - 1700 mm OSA202C -
    Acquisition date1/01/12
    NameLocation: Johnstown Building


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