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Research interests

Design Processes as drivers for creativity with value. How design processes can be used to develop inclusive relationships between clients and designers to identify design as an intellectual reactive toolkit to solving design challenges with value.

Design Management – Exploring the activity of commercial practice and the relationships between Designers / agencies and clients to better inform curriculum with 21st century practice and project management tools.

Design Pedagogy: Design Thinking activities to develop curiosity and confidence within design principles and elements to develop effective forms of visual communication.

Professional Practice, career development and self-marketing for creatives to excel into employable futures.

Teaching interests

I’m excited by design education and the complexities, challenges, and difficulties within the dynamic. I’m interested in developing teaching programmes within creative subjects and have a passion for developing theoretical, practical and assessment material that empowers young creatives with confidence through design thinking processes.

My interests include:

Design Briefs – Formation, exploration & interrogation

Design Management – Project management for Creative freedom

Design Research – The collection, collation, interpretation, and selection of found material for inspiration

Design Research: Qualitative and Quantitative engagement for deeper insights to problem framing and problem solving

Design Thinking for creativity and ideation: How visual facilitation, free thinking, lateral and linear approaches to design lead to creative pathways and option-building within creative practice.

Design Principles and elements for exploration and project development – exploring methods for low and high fidelity pitching of concepts within design timeframes and budget restrictions

Design teams – Exploring how designers work and connect through randomised formation to personality profiling.

Design Software – developing skills and knowledge of industry standard software to support creativity and concept development for professional practice

Design Processes – How design theory and practical approaches underpin 21st century practice


With experience of working in (and with) Design Agencies; in-house design; freelance and business I have a long career of working in Branding, Campaign, Motion based design and specifically interactive design through web technologies. My area of focus within the creative industries was within interactive design and I am experienced in Human Centred design, particularly focussing to design processes associated with digital product design. Implementing design briefs, framing challenges, and developing structures to provide creatives with platforms for exploration through to client handoff, SEO, Accessibility, User experience and user interface.


Industry experience skills range from project management, client interaction and presentations. Data collection, interpretation for creativity and communication.


I have experience working with:


  • Interactive Design, Programming, and Game Development
  • Brand Development & Vision Building
  • Information Graphics, Data stories & Motion Graphics
  • Digital Product Design: UX/UI & Experience with Web Technologies
  • Brand Campaign & Strategies
  • Typography: Setting, Experimentation & Manipulation
  • Design Theory & Practice: Research Methodologies, Principles & Practice.

External positions

External Examiner - BA (Hons) Graphic Communication, Oxford Brookes University



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