Contextual Marketing: A conceptualisation of the meaning and operation of a language for marketing in context

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    – The purpose of this paper is to propose a conceptualisation of the components of contextual marketing (CM), in light of the outcome of the Charleston Summit, through the development of the meaning and operation of language used in context – that is: the language and the associated meaning of words used in a highly socialised setting such as a small firm and articulated through conversation.

    – A conceptualisation of the components of CM are proposed based upon a critical review of pertinent literature and the development of extant conceptualisations for research at the marketing/entrepreneurship interface.

    – A model is produced that outlines a development of one of the four perspectives (as an outcome of the Charleston Summit) of research at the marketing/entrepreneurship interface and proposes that a third notion be considered in developing research studies that includes the wider aspects of sociology, psychology, anthropology and philosophy – in this case: sociolinguistics, in order that a better insight be gained of the meaning and operation of marketing at the “interface”.

    Practical implications
    – A more detailed understanding of the components of CM will advance research meaning and gain practitioner credibility.

    – This paper develops a conceptual framework for future and further research at the interface by considering the need to introduce fundamental socially derived aspects to the scope of research – in this case the third notion of sociolinguistics – in order to gain a better insight to the phenomena of marketing in entrepreneurial small firms.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)146-160
    JournalJournal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship
    Issue number2
    Publication statusPublished - 2011


    • entrepreneurship
    • marketing
    • Small enterprises
    • entrepreneurial marketing
    • entrepreneurial phenomena
    • methodological issues
    • Small firms
    • Sociolinguistics


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