Cyberian Chalk Circle: A series of participatory, chat-based cyberformance adaptations of Bertolt Brecht’s The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Christina Papagiannouli (Director), Evdoxia Stamatiou (Performer)

Research output: Non-textual formPerformance


Research Outputs
• Cyberian Chalk Circle I performance video - link
• Cyberian Chalk Circle II performance video – link
• (anticipated) book chapter in Palgrave McMillan
• (anticipated) authored book in Palgrave Pivot

Type: I – Performance

Venue(s): Online Venues: UpStage
Offline Venues: Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Mad Lab (Eindhoven, Netherlands), Marionet Teatro (Coimbra, Portugal), New Zealand Film Archive (Wellington, New Zealand), Paraora Range School (Greymouth, New Zealand), South Westland Area School (Harihari, New Zealand), Govett Brewster Gallery (New Plymouth, New Zealand).

Year of first performance: 2011


Number of additional authors: 0

Additional information:

Cyberian Chalk Circle comprises a series of experimental cyberformances, adapted and directed by Papagiannouli, that aim to test the political character of cyberformance and explore its interactive potentials under the umbrella of Brecht’s political theatre. Papagiannouli used ethnographic methods to study audience behaviour and document participants’ responses in the interactive, collaborative events. This is mainly documented in the text logs - scripted versions of the live event and real-time audience feedback through the text box, where spectators could verbally respond to the performance. The use of the chat box allowed for the strong dialectical thinking of the spectators to be heard and for correlations with reality to be accomplished. The originality of the Cyberian Chalk Circle lies in its consideration of the political character of cyberformance and the use of Brecht’s theatrical methodologies in online theatre.

Cyberian Chalk Circle was selected after peer review at the 11:11:11 UpStage festival. More than 60 connected computers viewed the performances, while several venues in Nethelands, Portugal and New Zealand projected the second performance for offline audiences. The performances were disseminated in conference papers presented to 11 international conferences in UK, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Greece and Chile. The Institute for Performing Arts Development (University of East London) invited Papagiannouli to talk about the project in the Community Engagement and the Arts colloquia series (2013). The Cyberian Chalk Circle text logs document the impact of the performances to the online audience.

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Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2011


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