Heritage Tourism Entrepreneurship Development in An Independent Wales

Brychan Thomas, Lisa Powell, Simon Thomas

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    The aim of this research paper is an investigation of heritage tourism entrepreneurship development in an independent Wales. It is particularly concerned with opportunities to develop industrial heritage tourism enterprises in the South Wales Valleys, in an independent Wales as well as the more rural parts of Wales. The research is based upon collective data to produce, in combination with the contemporary literature, four key themes to achieve a sustainable regeneration scheme for innovative heritage entrepreneurship development. These key themes are: agri-tourism, heritage tourism, cultural tourism, and pilgrimage tourism as well as reviewing transport infrastructure. This analysis has shown the growing significance of non-environmental sustainable development and socio-cultural regeneration. Throughout the main themes that have been analysed, the importance of heritage tourism entrepreneurship development has become particularly apparent. This has proved that they are practically inseparable due to the fact that they need to work together in order to provide a sustainable approach for regeneration to work effectively in the long-term. It has become apparent that a strategic approach is essential, for it is the only way forward that is sustainable in order to develop heritage tourism enterprises for future generations. Wales has a unique, institutional and governance framework to manage sustainable heritage entrepreneurship development (Williams & Thomas 2004). The process involves an array of duties, mechanisms, organisations, regimes and other arrangements at different levels and encompasses a wide range of public, private and voluntary organisations acting collectively (Williams & Thomas 2004). Williams and Thomas (2004: 05) highlight that "it is legitimate to suggest that Wales is presented with a huge opportunity for making a significant impact in SD...". The aim is to deliver sustainable change, but in order to achieve this everyone needs to "... work together to achieve the shared vision" (Davies 2005: 16).
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalInternational Center for Business Research
    Issue number2
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2013


    • tourism
    • business development
    • Wales


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