Peter Plassmann

Research output: Other contribution


We have developed a portable ‘Measurement of Area and Volume Instrument System’ (MAVIS) device that is based on the principle of stereo-photogrammetry.

The first version has been licensed to QuantifiCare A/S (France), marketed under the trade name of ‘LifeViz’ and ‘LifeViz micro’ (see: License income is used by the University’s spin-out company Photometrix Imaging Ltd. ( to support 4 research students. The latest version of the device has been licensed to Perry Baromedical Inc. (Florida). Currently (May 2013) being prepared for production under the trade name ‘MAVIS-III’ by the company’s UK subsidiary, Blanson Ltd., Leicester ( ).
Original languageEnglish
TypeProduct / Device
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2008


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