PARTICIPATORY EVALUATION: EARLY YEARS - the organisation for young children

Katrina Collins, Michael Brown

Research output: Non-textual formMulti-component / Portfolio


Output type: 6 month Project Culminating in a 94 Page Report with Recommendations and a bespoke Training Manual

Description: Early Years (EY) is an NGO based in Northern Ireland focused on the development of young children, from pre-birth to the age of 5. Early Years work with a broad range of stakeholder groups including parents, children, nursery school teachers, and has a special emphasis on reaching disadvantaged through factors like economics and social exclusion – the traveller community being a prime example. In 2012, Early Years commissioned myself as Principal Investigator, and a colleague as co-investigator, to plan a deliver a participatory evaluation programme with 2 aims:

- To provide an evidence base of the impact of The Atlantic Philanthropies funding within selected Early Years projects, and within their users and stakeholders.
- To engage staff from these selected projects in the participatory evaluation process, and build their capacity to conduct their own participatory evaluation activities as an integral part of their on-going work.

I, and my co-investigator, developed a bespoke programme of participatory evaluation and implementation that involved:

- A formative 5 day training workshop
- A 5 week evaluation implementation period
- A 3 day summative workshop
- The presentation of the participatory process, findings and recommendations in a final report.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusUnpublished - 2013


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