When In Roam: Multi-arts aerial performance about home and belonging

Thania Acaron (Director)

    Research output: Non-textual formPerformance


    when in roam is a work directed and performed by Thania Acarón with Orphaned Limbs Collective, which explores the stories of roamers, stayers and leavers who search, run from or yearn for home. Using humour and poignant storytelling, this exciting project combines movement, aerial dance, physical theatre and original musical composition, bringing about a performance suitable for all audiences.

    Given discourses on migration emerging with Brexit, this project stimulates resonance in audiences by presenting different experiences of the implications of home and belonging. ‘when in roam’ features stories about: mobility/immobility, migration, families, divorce and the reliance on electronic communication for human contact.
    Each of the performers brings their personal story of home through various media: narrative, spoken word, aerial dance and musical composition/sound design. The aerial harness brings a sense of bodily suspension to the piece, where there are symbolic representations of being thrust into new situations with little control of their momentum. The project presents how the performers face social challenges with humour and resilience, presenting cultural discoveries, while co-creating stories with the audience’s own notions of home. Each location collects audience’s feedback based on the question: ‘What does home mean to you?’, gathering in-situ responses as we perform in each site. The project also has a community arts component, developed as standalone workshops in visual art, music or movement on the topic of home and belonging.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 2019


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