An Approach to Neuro-Fuzzy Feedback control in Statistical Process Control

  • Liren Wang

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    It is a difficult challenge to develop a feedback control system for Statistical Process Control (SPC) because there is no effective method that can be used to calculate the accurate magnitude of feedback control actions in traditional SPC. Suitable feedback adjustments are generated from the experiences of process engineers. This drawback means that the SPC technique can not be directly applied in an automatic system.

    This thesis is concerned with Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic applied to the uncertainty of relationships between the SPC (early stage) alarms and SPC implementation. Based on a number of experiments of the frequency distribution for shifts of abnormal process averages and human subjective decision, a Fuzzy-SPC control system is developed to generate the magnitude of feedback control actions using fuzzy inference. A simulation study which is written in C++ is designed to implement a Fuzzy-SPC controller with satisfactory results.

    To further reduce the control errors, a NeuroFuzzy network is employed to build NNFuzzy- SPC system in MATLAB. The advantage of the leaning capability of Neural Networks is used to optimise the parameters of the Fuzzy- X and Fuzzy-J? controllers in order to obtain the ideal consequent membership functions to adapt to the randomness of various processes. Simulation results show that the NN-Fuzzy-SPC control system has high control accuracy and stable repeatability.

    To further improve the practicability of a NN-Fuzzy-SPC system, a combined forecaster with EWMA chart and digital filter is designed to reduce the NN-Fuzzy-SPC control delay. For the EWMA chart, the smoothing constant 0 is investigated by a number of experiments and optimised in the forecast process. The Finite Impulse Response (FIR) lowpass filter is designed to smooth the input data (signal) fluctuations in order to reduce the forecast errors. An improved NN-Fuzzy-SPC control system which shows high control accuracy and short control delay can be applied in both automatic control and online quality control.
    Date of Award2001
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorHefin Rowlands (Supervisor)


    • Statistical process control (SPC)
    • neural networks
    • feedback control system
    • Fuzzy Logic/Fuzzy Sets

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