An investigation into the use, application and evaluation of intelligent agents

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    This overview report comprises two projects linked by the theme of the application of intelligent agents. The first project covers the development of RAPIDO, a rapid prototyping toolkit for the development and evaluation of agent applications. The papers and technical reports included for this project look at the implementation and application of the RAPIDO toolkit to a specific test case for evaluation purposes. The second project considers the use of an agent-based simulation of the Internet, called WebAgent, to explore agent-based solutions to improving network performance.

    The publications present the experimental methodology of WebAgent, and the results of evaluating Expl, an adaptive agent for intelligent control of dynamic caching strategies for web servers and clients.

    The knowledge gained during the course of these two projects has been published in refereed papers included within the accompanying portfolio. The production of Multi- Agent Systems (MAS), particularly Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI) applications, is dependent upon the underlying paradigm. The generic approach to the specification of agent applications, and the object-oriented rapid prototyping technique, have allowed different implementations of a specific problem domain to be evaluated in order to determine the best architecture.

    The application of agent-based simulation to the field of web document caching has both introduced a new tool for performing evaluations of such techniques and has helped towards the proposal of a new approach, based upon intelligent, adaptive agents. The future of such directions promises to offer far greater application of these ideas to the regulation and management of networks in general.

    Date of AwardMay 1999
    Original languageEnglish

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