Automatic derivation of schematic maps from large scale digital geographic datasets for mobile GIS

  • Suchith Anand

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    "Mapping is a way of visualizing parts of the world and maps are largely diagrammatic and two dimensional. There is usually a one-to-one correspondence between places in the world and places on the map, but while there are limitless aspects to the world, the cartographer can only select a few to map" Daniel Dorling, 1996

    Map generalization is the process by which small scale maps are derived from large scale maps. This requires the application of operations such as simplification, selection, displacement and amalgamation to map features subsequent to scale reduction. The work is concerned with the problem of effective rendering of large scale datasets on small display devices by developing appropriate map generalization techniques for generating schematic maps. With the advent of high-end miniature technology and large scale digital geographic data products it is essential to devise proper methodologies and techniques for the automated generation of schematic maps specifically tailored for mobile GIS applications. Schematic maps are diagrammatic representation based on linear abstractions of networks. Transportation networks are the key candidates for applying schematization to help ease the interpretation of information by the process of cartographic abstraction. This study looks at how simulated annealing optimisation technique can be successfully applied for automated generation of schematic maps from large scale digital geographic datasets tailored specifically for mobile GIS applications. The software developed makes use of a simulated annealing based schematic map generator algorithm to generate route maps from OSCARĀ® dataset corresponding to a series of user defined start and end points. The generated schematic route maps are displayed and tested on mobile handheld devices shows promising results for mobile GIS applications. This work concentrates on the automatic generation of schematic maps, which, in the context of mobile mapping, are seen as being a particularly useful means of displaying routes for way finding type and utility network applications.
    Date of AwardJul 2006
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorMark Ware (Supervisor)


    • Schematic Maps
    • Automated Map Generalization
    • Mobile GIS
    • Simulated Annealing

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