Causes of delays in construction projects & how the project manager can act to avoid delays

  • Mamoon Atout

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    This thesis presents the findings of both personal experience illustrated by case studies, and questionnaire surveys aimed at identifying the most important causes of delays in civil engineering construction projects in Dubai from the viewpoint of construction contractors.

    Dubai presents a special set of circumstances in which the Project Manager has to operate e.g. rapid growth in construction, tight construction times, the unique architectural features of many project designs, international contractors and consultants, a multinational work force and readily available investment. Results of this study indicate that the Client, the Consultant and the Contractor contribute to the causes of delays due to the improper implementation of project management principles and misunderstanding of the design process and the design management and procurement contract processes. These accumulated factors are considered as the principle reason for the problem experienced at the project construction stage.

    This thesis investigates the major factors causing project delay by demonstrating, illustrating and evaluating the roles of the construction or project manager and in avoiding project delay. The results are based on the questionnaires survey combined with interviews carried out with project managers and case studies.

    Parties involved in the project must fulfil their contractual, technical, financial and legal roles. This starts with the Client (or his representative) in appointing a project management firm to prepare all advance studies and advise the Client on how relevant information about the project presented clearly to the Consultant and the Contractor.

    Proper guidelines should be established to help the Client choose the appropriate type of contract, and experienced consultant and contractor, to execute the project.

    Specific causes of delay are identified and recommendations are made as to how the Contractor's Project Manager can limit the occurrence of delays in projects, particularly in Dubai.
    Date of AwardMay 2008
    Original languageEnglish


    • Construction industry
    • project management

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