ICT as political action

  • Ray O'Neil

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    This thesis is a narrative account of the development of my living theory of practice as a teacher and information communications technologies (ICT) consultant with a national awarding body. Within my two workplaces I experience myself as a living contradiction when my values are denied in practice, in relation to the prohibition of full participation of all participants through the suppression of their voices, or by the imposition of too-rapid organisational change.

    The thesis accounts for how I have attempted to transform these unsatisfactory situations into life-affirming practices for all through exercising my educational influence in learning for personal and organisational sustainability. The significance of my research lies in my capacity to explain how I hold myself accountable for my improved practice as I develop emancipatory pedagogies and conditions that nurture personal and social wellbeing.

    I have generated my living theory of emancipatory practice through finding ways to enable myself and others to work in solidarity to exercise our agency through communicative action (Habermas 1975). This is accomplished through realising the potentials of ICT as a form of communicative action within actual and virtual communities of practice, which becomes a significant feature of the originality of my contribution to knowledge of my field.

    Originality is extended in the production of evidence to test the validity of my theorization of ICT as political action. The multimedia evidence base is continued in the production of a multimedia thesis that accompanies and embeds the linguistic form of the thesis, a communication of my parallel understanding of traditional forms of theory and pedagogy as subsets of their wider inclusional and relational forms. The thesis also explores how values may be clarified in the course of their emergence in practice and transformed into living standards of judgement.

    Date of AwardMay 2008
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorNorah Jones (Supervisor) & David Turner (Supervisor)


    • Information technology
    • Technological innovations

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