Lead Time Reduction in the Aero Engine Overhaul Industry

  • C. J. Holmes

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    The aim of this thesis was to investigate the ways of reducing the lead times of the strip to detail inspection of an aero engine overhaul facility. To achieve this, various methods were used. Initially dealing with the justification and construction of a simulation model followed by an examination of various scenarios to achieve the required reduction.

    On completion of the scenarios, the detail view bay was targeted as the main area requiring change. A project was instigated to introduce teamworking to reduce the time it took to inspect an engine. This consolidation of the work was first of all tried on one type of engine module and then expanded. A measuring system was introduced to monitor the lead times of engines and modules passing through the input business unit. This involved the use of SPC charts to monitor lead times.

    The results show a significant decrease in the time taken to work a RB211 module through the shops, coupled with an increase in throughput.
    Date of AwardAug 1995
    Original languageEnglish

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