Structured Petri Nets for the Design and Implementation of Manufacturing Control Software with Fault Monitoring Capabilities

  • Martin Stanton

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    The thesis describes a method for the design and implementation of manufacturing control software using structured Petri nets. An earlier design method is presented from which a more formal approach is developed, and a definition for structured Petri nets is given. This definition is then compared to other classes of Petri net found in the literature. A comparison is also made between the proposed design method and other methods described in the
    literature. The structured Petri nets are then used to create a control structure, which is shown to have properties that allow the detection and diagnosis of faults originating both in the hardware and the software of the system. A detailed discussion is also presented concerning the implementation of structured Petri nets on various types of manufacturing controller and on general-purpose computers. In particular, results are presented from
    experiments with various implementation methods on programmable logic controllers. Conclusions are then drawn on the various aspects of the work and details of further research possibilities are described.
    Date of Award1998
    Original languageEnglish


    • manufacturing control software
    • Petri nets
    • Logic controllers
    • diagnosis tool

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