The Adoption of Teleworking as an innovative work practice by Small Business Enterprises in South Wales

  • Iheanyi Egbuta

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    This thesis examines Teleworking as an innovative practice in small business enterprises in South Wales and how they have embraced and applied it as an innovation tool as arguably, innovation is at the heart of any successful organisation especially in the light of the nascent emerging pro-cost saving and ―green‖ work environments that organisations have been embracing in an economy largely dominated by the conventional working pattern and style. In recent years there has been a shift in how organisations and businesses are run and a renaissance in the economic thinking of Welsh small business organisations perhaps due to the economic downturn and present government cuts and realities of the state of the economy which has resulted in a shift from the conventional ways work is carried out and the way innovation in the workplace is applied, to the open and flexible work pattern that still delivers great results and profits to organisations and a times at less cost. Organisations are more employee friendly and more compassionate to the needs of their staff because as any good employer knows, a key element for success, profitability, positive outcomes and business strength is based on employee fulfilment which in part comprises of providing the support and option for teleworking and flexible working as key recipes for organisational success.
    These developments have prompted this research into whether the study into the benefits and barriers of teleworking has a significant role in the evolution of teleworking in the workplace environment and if it is in line with organisational innovation plans. This research is undertaken to underpin the importance of innovation with emphasis on teleworking adoption in small business organisations. In order to accomplish these tasks, the research uses a qualitative research approach which employed an online focus groups and in-depth interviews through questionnaires and interviews with various organisations, employees and employers and key policy makers in Wales and construct a framework that will provide understanding. The research concludes that teleworking is regarded to be important for the advancement of small business organisations in Wales. It is the first study to investigate and evaluate the practice of teleworking and how its innovative application framework affects small business organisations directly in Wales to help businesses succeed.
    Date of AwardFeb 2014
    Original languageEnglish

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