The Application of Combined Heat and Power to a Hospital Environment

  • Keith Jones

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    The University Hospital of Wales (UHW) is the premier teaching hospital in Wales and one of the largest medical facilities in Europe. This thesis has shown that installation of CHP at UHW has resulted in benefits to the hospital in reduced energy consumption and costs, and also a reduction in environmental emissions to the atmosphere.

    It has been demonstrated that there must be a management commitment to the installation of CHP from the outset. As providers of healthcare, hospitals need to demonstrate a commitment to the environment in a positive way by limiting
    any environmental impact on its activities to a minimum.

    This thesis has analysed the role that CHP can provide in reducing the environmental impact The installation at UHW utilises natural gas which, compared with other fossil fuels results in:
    Reduced production of CO2
    Reduced pollution (for example nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulphur oxides (SOx) which are principal sources of acid rain, and particulates)
    Reduced use of finite resources

    A detailed study has been carried out on the UHW installation. In addition, further environmental aspects have been studied and investigated, such as noise. Noise level tests were carried out, which proved to be within acceptable levels.

    This thesis has expounded the importance of carrying out comprehensive site assessments, to determine electrical and thermal demand profiles. This procedure is fundamental in the determination of accurate load and site energy criteria.

    This thesis has examined the significance of adopting a formal option appraisal procedure, and also an option appraisal team, the result being a consensus of opinion.

    It has been demonstrated that even a large complex CHP installation may be accomplished with minimum of disruption to the hospital routine. The adoption of a METHOD STATEMENT system of work is to be commended, particularly if
    the installation/task is complex or being completed for the first time.

    Operational history of the CHP installation has been analysed over a one year period and plant performance characteristics established.

    The financial appraisal undertaken clearly demonstrates a considerable return on the Capital investment, which confirms the project as a financial success.

    There is very strong evidence to suggest that the installation of CHP at UHW has been a success. CHP can provide a demonstrable commitment to environmental protection and also recurring financial advantages in reduced operational costs.

    Date of AwardMay 1995
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorRichard Price (Supervisor) & Frederick Blakemore (Supervisor)

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