The Evolution of Cypriot women in society and their increased participation in Civil Engineering

  • Chrystalla Antoniou

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    The initial objective of this research was to investigate the evolution in the participation and status of Cypriot women in Engineering Technology. In addition one of the aims was to demonstrate and account for the apparent differences in the employment conditions of female Engineers in comparison to male Engineers.

    This detailed study would have enabled the researcher to establish the factors which account for the relatively low participation of women in traditionally male-dominated areas of employment, such as Civil Engineering.

    In this respect data provided and Research was studied and identifying the trends and participation by the Department of Statistics analysed with the objective of determinants of women's work. This approach was to be reinforced by responses from a sample survey of Cypriot male and female Civil Engineers, Civil Engineering Technicians and their employers. Questionnaires were designed and completed in the form of an interview. A sample of 125 people was used consisting of 25 persons from each group.

    However, before proceeding with the analysis of the questionnaires it was considered essential to study the place of women in Cypriot society in general and to include a review of the historical, social, and economic factors.

    After due consideration of the above issues it became apparent that the research should cover the following areas:

    To obtain the necessary data, analyse them and determine the parameters which affect the place of Cypriot women in society. Furthermore, to examine such aspects as: Sex role stereotyping, the family, public life, education and employment and to provide certain historical, demographic, political and socio-economic information about Cyprus.

    To use the results of the sample survey in order to consider in detail the evolution of Cypriot women in Civil Engineering. Furthermore, to examine the development of Civil Engineering construction and the position of the women Civil Engineers in Cyprus.
    Date of Award1994
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorDemetrios Djialli (Supervisor)

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